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Nowadays, Mejuto follows a series of business lines in which we can include the principal activities developed by the company. A summary of them are the following:

  • Projects key in hand.
  • Study and installation of refrigeration project.
    • Conservation Chambers with control of the DT1 controlled by PLC.
    • Special Ripeness Chambers (bananas, pears, oranges, cheeses ...)
    • Freezing tunnels.
    • Automation of facilities.
    • Temperature and dampness Control by means of PC.
  • Plants of fish production, fruit and vegetables.
  • Logistic Plants for perishable products.
  • Integral Treatment of Meat Industries.
    • Drying place: procedure heat bomb and centralized with neutragel fluid.
    • Automation.
    • Control of temperature and dampness by means of PC.
  • Electrical industrial facilities.
    • Installation of heating and A.C.S.
    • Steam installation.
    • Pneumatic Installation.
  • Study and development of automation project.
  • Automation of hydroelectric headoffices.
    • Panels of power.
    • Process automation.
    • Supervision and control by means of PC.
  • Design, development and installation of hydraulic equipments.
    • Hoist.
    • Lift platforms.
    • Hydraulic Head offices.
    • Platforms of leveling (Loading docks).
  • Analysis and study of energetic saving system.
    • Automation and programmed of lighting sequences.
    • Correction of reactive power.
    • Manufacture and installation of equipments of regulation of luminous flow.
    • Analysis, design and execution of transformation industrial centers.
    • Analysis, design and installation of air conditioning integral systems.
    • Analysis of performance in refrigerating facilities (COP).
  • Maintenance and repair of equipments.