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Fruit and Vegetable Sector Print
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Saturday, 09 August 2008 11:30

Nowadays the consumers look for products of the maximum quality. The fruits and vegetables must arrive at the client with all their intact values of taste, aroma and presence, like if they have just been gotten of the plant or of the garden. Mejuto takes this fundamental aspect into account and treats that our systems preserve the product without their nutritional values doesn’t see reduced. Some of the solutions that we have developed inside the sector are:

  • Refrigerating Facilities
    • Ripeness Chambers (bananas, pears, citrus fruits, etc.).
    • Conservation Chambers.
    • Packed Chambers.
    • Fast cooling Tunnels.
    • Double height Chambers (load / unload automated systems).
  • Air conditioning area.

Some of our clients in this sector are:

  • Eurobanan
  • Angel Rey
  • Mercacorreas
  • Naranjas Torres
  • Feito y Toyosa
  • Coplaca
  • Nufri
  • Difrusa
  • Frutas Niqui
  • Frutas Nieves
  • Legufrut
  • Tropital Frutas
  • Frutas Blanco
  • Coop. Mangualde

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