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Refrigerating Stores and Logistic Platforms Print
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Saturday, 09 August 2008 17:52

For many companies the development of their activity is very affected by the logistic activities and storage. A good way of increasing the competitiveness in the industrial and productive sector is to contain and reduce the logistic and storage cost of the production. Mejuto  tries to offer to their clients a few physical facilities designed specifically for the activity that they realize, with optimized infrastructures, wide capacity and availability. Immediately later we detail some of the projects and systems realized for refrigerating stores and logistic platforms:

  • Refrigerating Facilities.
  • Chambers of fall, half and high temperature
    • Conservation of perishable products chambers.
    • Storage Systems and dynamic palletization.
  • Classification rooms.
  • Receipt and expedition rooms.
  • Load docks.
  • Air conditioning area.
Some of our clients inside this sector are:

  • Gadisa
  • Caprabo
  • Eroski
  • ARC Eurobanan
  • Friporto
  • Frigoríficos de Toedo
  • Vieira
  • Frigoríficos Puerto de Cariño

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