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Monday, 11 August 2008 11:18

The milk, as raw as transformed, it is a very complete and nourishing food. But due to his characteristics it is also an ideal substratum for the development of microorganisms that can turn her into a way of pathogenic agents. From always, the conservation of this so basic food has been a priority. Mejuto has made an effort for investigating and developing methods of conservation that guarantee a safe consumption:

  • Cooling Tunnels.
  • Storage Chambers.
  • Conservation Chambers.
  • Drying Chambers.
  • Salty for cheeses Systems.
  • Manufacture and storage of ice.
  • Distribution of frozen water.

Some of our clients in this sector are:

  • Clesa
  • Liasa
  • Lácteos da Limia
  • Terras de Melide
  • Quesos Angulo
  • Queserías Entrepinares
  • Celega

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