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Tunnel IQF Print
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Tuesday, 12 August 2008 10:10

IQF is the initials of Individual Quick Freezing, or fast freezing of an individual way. This fast process of freezing allows that the ice microcrystal, which is formed inside the cells of the tissues of the food, should be of small size. In this way, it is prevented that the cellular walls that shape the vegetable tissue break. Therefore on having defrosted the product there is no spillage of cellular fluids, which guarantees a texture, nutritional value and equal flavor of a product newly harvested. 

The substantial difference, between a freezing IQF and a slow freezing, is the size of the microcrystals that are formed. In second case, the crystal is so big that it deforms the cellular walls, allowing the spillage of internal fluids and therefore deterioration in texture, flavor and value.Additional, the use of this process guarantees that the products do not need any type of chemists or preserving products for their storage. In addition, it is important to emphasize that thanks to the fast decrease of temperature the presence of microorganisms diminishes of an important way.

Design of the tunnel IQF

Mejuto has developed a tunnel of freezing IQF specially designed for the freezing of fishing products, with a capacity of freezing in constant of 10.000 kg/h. The principle of working is based on freezing the fish, of constant way, in a water raft with a concentration of salt superior to 23 % to low temperature.

Initially the fish, that comes to be frozen, gets in a raft of entry and the first process of cleanliness is produced, in order to eliminate residues that could remain adhered in the freezing. Later the fish is led by a moving belt plunged across the tank of brine, where his freezing takes place, in a relatively short time, 30/35 minutes. 

Once the fish is frozen, is cleaned again by showers of water to eliminate remains of salt and scales, which could stay after the process of freezing. After this, the product is glazed and dried, remaining ready for his packaging. The systems of precooling and dried work to temperatures lower than 37ºC negatives, achieving that the product works out dry and an individual way. Once the product is dried, after a process of selection, it is packed across a dosage system in the corresponding boxes, remaining ready for his storage or transport.

To regulate the whole system it was designed an advanced software of automatic control, by means of which we follow the process at any moment, beside checking all the parameters of an exhaustive way as many the equipment as the product elaborated. In this way, it is gets to control, in every moment, the temperature and the condition of the freezing process, achieving at the end of the whole cycle a product with quality and an ideal aspect.

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