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Through these years we have diversified our business to arrive at different industrial sectors. Because each consumer waits a food product incorporates the flavor, the aspect, the pleasure and the suitable nutritional value. Our technology incorporates solutions to guarantee all these values of quality as well as the achievement of the aims of productivity, growth and profitability. Providing results that answer the needs of each client.

We bet on developing peak technology and introducing the last advances in the different sectors at which we are working.  In addition our systems incorporate efficient programs of control that permit the client to know at each moment, of automatic and centralized form, the different parameters of the installation and of the product in order to be able to control the whole process of an efficient and exact way to the needs.

We grow and change with our clients, as their needs evolve.

We invite you to consult the different solutions that we give to the diverse sectors where we are working in:



Meat Sector

 Fruit and Vegetable Sector  Fishing Sector
Bakeries Refrigerating Stores   Industrial Sector



 Lacteal Sector


 Curing and Drying up


 Mining Sector