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Fishing Sector Print

The fishing has been an origin of resources from time immemorial. Initially his consumption was in fresh, but with the time several technologies have been introduced for his conservation, as smoked, drying up and the salted fish. At present moment, besides these technologies, the cold is used looking for the ultrafreezing of the product. We offer solutions for all these processes applying the most modern technology:

  • Refrigerating Facilities
    • Freezing automatic Tunnels IQF.
    • Static and dynamic frozen Tunnels.
    • Conservation Chambers of frozen.
    • Conservation Chambers of fresh product (automated control of temperature and dampness).
    • Unfreezing Chambers.
    • Plates Cupboards.
    • Ice Generators.
    • Silos for storage and conservation of ice.
  • Drying places
    • Fast drying of cod Tunnels.
  • Automation of transport, weight and packing.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Facilities for noses.

Some of our clients inside this sector are:

  • Frigomar
  • Frijobel
  • Pescados Rubén
  • Bacalaos Elkano
  • Vieira
  • Namare
  • Fripalsa
  • Francisco Muñiz e hijos
  • Bacalaos Outón
  • Pescasantoña
  • Pescados Barandica
  • Modesto Carrodeguas
  • Cofradía de Pescadores de Burela
  • Frigoríficos Botana
  • Pescados Lijó
  • Premar