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Investigation and development

To carry out our projects we develop a great part of the technology that our companies need, using the last advances in order to satisfy the needs of each customer. The innovation has turned into one of the signs of identity of the group, which has several patent and prizes in technological innovation.

We are leaders in the application of the computer science to the Refrigeration Sector. Our software of control permit to realize a detailed support of the whole installation, changing their working to adapt it to new circumstances and controlling the condition of the product at each moment. In addition, our control systems permit to realize a preventive maintenance and an automatic detection of possible mistakes in the equipments.

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1 GEO4RADON Administrator
2 Proofreader System of environments with dust Administrator
3 Station of training in the use of Selfrescuer Administrator
4 Tunnel IQF Administrator
5 System of intelligent defrost and electronic injection Administrator