Cure and drying up Print

Before the appearance of the cold and the chemical additives, as method of conservation of the food, the drying up and cured of certain products was an ideal way for it and later for his sale. At present moment there already are many sectors where these processes are used, with great success and acceptance. Our projects can be applied to several areas as the cured and drying of meat products, cheeses, skins, salting and dried of products of the sea, etc. Some of the developments contributed to the sector are:

  • Drying places
    • Procedure for heat bomb.
    • Centralized with fluid megly.
  • Chambers having diverse applications.
  • Salting Chambers.
  • Postsalty Chambers.
  • Curing Chamber.
  • Warehouses.
Some of our clients in this sector are:

  • Cogal
  • Cueros y curtidos Pavón
  • Cárnicas Moncho e Hijos
  • Rivero López Hermanos
  • Montiño
  • Portalconsa 
  • Cárnicas Moncho
  • A Paradanta
  • Gisva
  • Secaderos La Vega
  • Bacalaos Outon
  • Bacalaos Elkano
  • Emcesa