System of intelligent defrost and electronic injection Print

The sector of the Refrigeration / freezing of perishable products, in the Food industry, is suffering a great development in the last years. So it needs actions of innovation that support and guarantee their competitiveness, as well as the promotion of the conscious use of the energetic resources that it is necessary to do.

We have developed a project orientated to the search and adjustment of technologies, directed to minimize the costs of the facilities, saving of energetic resources and, in a wide sense, to contribute to a sustainable development.

The developed systems try to do a utilization of the capacities installed by the use of an intelligent system that allows a narrower game, with the variables of the process and environmental, to take advantage of the offered possibilities.We develop a system of valves of electronic injection, as valves of thermostatic expansion and the corresponding control software that allows doing an extensive use of this element, implying environmental and work parameters. In addition, this system provides us an adapted route for the accomplishment of an intelligent defrosted, in agreement with the variables of operation of the equipments. Previously these systems were using, overestimating the real needs of the equipments, since there were no versions that allowed an fitting control to the system. 

On the other hand, we have investigated and developed a detection and protection system of the equipments that we considered necessary for the determination of changes of condition in some points of the installation. For it, we incorporate new probes and we adapt technology, which exists, to provide the information necessary for the correct working and control of the equipments implicated in the process.

The introduction of these systems will have effects on the accomplishment of the suitable sizes of the elements involved in the refrigerating facilities and of freezing, according to the type of products, environmental and work conditions. This takes a minor cost of the facilities as direct implications, as well as the costs of maintenance and manufacture since it will be possible take advantage the performance provided by the equipments.

With this project we seek to obtain advances of great impact so much in the Industrial Cold Sector as in the Nourishment Sector. In addition we study actions associated with the energetic saving, something gathered in multitude of European directives and that they must be implanted gradually in the productive industrial systems.