Station of training in the use of Selfrescuer Print

The Selfrescuers are autonomous equipments of evacuation in emergency situations, in which the atmosphere is unbreathable for absence of oxygen or for existence of lethal gases: explosions, fires or untimely emanations of “grisú”. His working consists in a closed circuit where a reaction of water and CO2 of expiration with the KO2 takes place for the production of chemical oxygen.

In the Spanish mines the use of Selfrescuers of chemical oxygen is relatively recent for the mining workers. Immediately after a series of accidents, the mining authorities provided with these equipments to the staff who is working at labors of risk. At present moment the majority of the mining staff has these equipments, constituting a part of their usual equipment.

Immediately after some incidents, the engineers of Silicosis's National Institute observed that the formation in the use of the rescue teams needed some optimization, in order to avoid failures in his use. Besides agreeing to have certain training in his utilization, the selfrescuer depending on each person or model of equipment, they have a series of inconveniences that the workmen must know: strong dryness of the respiratory tract, stifling sensation for the warm and humid air, discomfort for the use of the mouthpiece and the tweezers of nose, etc. In any cases, the training of the staff was not guaranteeing the suitable use of the equipment, being able to produce critical situations.

The mining Spanish authorities (Principality Asturias, General Direction of Mines, Silicosis's National Institute) put in touch with Mejuto, and it was processed to the development of a training station and simulation in the use of selfrescuers of chemical oxygen. These units are capable of providing the training and the characteristics sensations of discomfort of the equipments to the mining workers, without need to use real devices and, therefore, with a reasonable cost and with possibility of realizing recycling along the labour life.

The system consists in a mouthpiece of aspiration, which air arrives with conditions of dampness and temperature similar to the produced for the selfrescuer. This mouthpiece is installed in a system that simulates the real situation, to make the training more realistic. As complement joins a rolling tapestry that is adjustable in speed and inclination.

The equipment has a programmable controller capable of adapting the parameters of training formed by means of the control of the different elements. In this way they can be formed:

  • Initial Temperature of the training
  • Final Temperature
  • Duration
  • Dampness
  • Resistance

At present moment, there are several training units install and operative in Spain, being a lot of miners who are training in the use of some equipment, that in emergency situations they can help to save their lives. In the training centers, besides the practical instruction realized with the simulator, theoretical  courses  are given with practical formation, that report about the running, correct installation and the use of the equipment, maximizing in this way the knowledge and the practice of the mining professionals.