Proofreader System of environments with dust Print

The sector of the extraction and processed of sand stands out for the complex of the work environment. The typical processes as the excavation, the transport of the material by tapes, unload, etc. usually causes a great quantity of mineral and dust, which remain suspended in the environment. This is one of the aspects that mean losses of the productivity in the mining extraction and a worsening of the work environment. 

Result of the investigation, SCAP/Mejuto developed a project of I+D that helps to decrease and correct the problems before mentioned. The proofreader system of environments with dust permits, in great measure, to reduce the emission of dust that exists in the plants of extraction of mineral, processed and transport of it. Our equipments allow the capture of dust by the emission of fog generated by ultrasounds, basing on the thermal lance.

With the application of our systems get to improve the work environment, achieving that it is cleaner and collaborating on reducing the derivative problems of health of working in this type of environments. In addition it is necessary to take into account the profit of productivity, since part of the material that before was getting lost in the environment, now it is recovered.