Mining Sector Print

The mining sector, of extraction and processing sand and cement point out for the complex of the environment of work. The typical processes usually generate great quantity of mineral in dust, which stays in suspension in the environment. This aspect means loss in the productivity of the extraction and it worsens the work environment. Result of the investigation and collaboration with other companies, Mejuto has developed several projects of I+D that adjust some problems of these sectors:

  • Systems of capture dust in quarries.
  • Correcting systems of environment of dust.
  • Electrical Systems, automatisms.
  • Energetic saving systems.
  • Training Systems in Self rescuer of oxygen.
Some of our clients in this sector are:

  • Áridos y premezclados
  • EHBI
  • Aritel
  • Canteras Industriales del Bierzo
  • Catisa
  • Canteras Picassent 
  • Canteras de Campomarzo
  • Canteras de Layera
  • General de Hormigones
  • Canteras Castiñeira
  • Canteras Tudela Veguin
  • Canteras Copasa