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Our company has his beginning in the year 1986, when Ramiro Mejuto, after a wide experience in the maintenance of electrical industrial facilities of fall and a half tension, he decides to create Electricity and Automation Mejuto. His philosophy of business was based on the quality and the total service, with a clear orientation to the full satisfaction of the client. Due to the constant growth and his ambition, MEGODEZA born in 1992 in order to give answer to new business lines.

This Company extends his field of action to the construction of machines, equipments of saving energy, electrical panels, electronic plates, etc. Parallel and in fast progress it is getting into the sector of the industrial cold, where nowadays it is fully consolidated; designing, constructing and putting in service numerous refrigerating facilities in the whole Iberian Peninsula. Facilities of half and great size in the diverse industrial sectors using the cooling most up to date, principally ammonia.


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In the year 2002, Mejuto Industry of Refrigeration is born. Auxiliary company dedicated to the maintenance, in order to guarantee an optimal performance of the facilities realized, continuing with the original philosophy of conservation of the values of quality and service, betting on the constancy and permanent innovation each day, as formula to compete in a market as included as the present.

At present moment we are among the first companies of the sector of the industrial national refrigeration, using the computer applications for the control of these facilities of cold and permitting to realize, from our offices, a preventive maintenance. This allows us to make facilities of great reference along the whole Iberian Peninsula.During the execution of the projects, we make a special point of integral development of the installation and the technology necessary, using the last advances for it. The innovation has turned into one of the signs of identity of the group, possessing several patents and prizes of technological innovation.