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Study of the needs and design of the installation.

Starting from the worries of each client, our departments of mechanics, electricity, electronic and automatic are the managers of finding the most effective design that better adapts to the product that we have to treat. After realizing an exhaustive study of the installation, our departments make the final design, generating all the information (plans of mechanical equipments, refrigerating schemes, sights of isometric of pipeline, plans of execution, electrical schemes, electronic schemes...) that will be transmitted to the different technical staff and managers of work to realize the installation.




Execution in work place.

Our staff in the work place, following the guideline marked from the different departments of the technical office, is the manager of materializing everything what before has designed. For it, they will have all the necessary information at the moment of realizing the tasks. One of the most important aspects of taking care, from different departments, is the design "a priori" of great part of the installation, to make possible the production of the majority of the necessary elements in our facilities. In this way we reduce substantial the execution time in the work place of our client.


Advice and direction in civil work.

The present market tends to centralize the management of an industrial project, what is known as work or project "key in hand ": In the zeal of improving the service to the client we offer the possibility of carrying out a centralized management of the project:

- Management of permissions and licenses.

- Basic projects and of execution.

- Execution and direction of work.

- Quality controls, safety and hygiene.

- Everything necessary to facilitate the correct execution of the project.


Design and programming the control of the instalation.

Today, because of the extensive qualifications and experience of our technicians, we have managed to develop our own top applications both nationally and internationally.

In our applications have been used sophisticated algorithms, however, provide for the customer and the maintenance personnel a tool simple, intuitive and useful for keeping a preventive and corrective maintenance of the instalation. The simplicity of management applications provides a quick performance of maintenance personnel, without the need for our technicians have to intervene.


Beginning of the installation.

In the start, all the parameters of the installation, the right working of the equipments and the complementary elements are verified. During this process also the staff of plant is advised on the functioning and control of the set of elements, which compose the whole installation.

All the system is provided with the last technologies in communications, facilitating a quick tele-management to the person in charge of management of the product and the maintenance staff. In case of anomaly, from the central office we can have access to the system installed in the plant of the client, obtaining a preventive maintenance and quick answers of quality.